Storing Libraries Question.

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Storing Libraries Question. Empty Storing Libraries Question.

Post  Darkshark on Sun Aug 10, 2008 3:30 pm

Hello to all !

I just got a PM5D and have done 5 shows on it so far..... we just scaled down... I was on a PM1D for the last 3 years and we went to the 5D for size.

My question.... almost every time I go to STORE a scene and use the OVERWRITE option, my HA library gets renamed to what ever the scene title is..... I only use 1 HA library and have it named the way I like it.

Does anyone know the procedure for maintaining the naming scheme? This happens only on the HA library.

PM5D-RH V2.22
Used for monitors - 6 Stereo ear mixes and 1 drum butt kicker mix
Most everything is recall safed except for 8 Digital Tracks which fly in as needed by scene.

Any suggestions would be cool.

Kind Regards,



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Storing Libraries Question. Empty Re: Storing Libraries Question.

Post  GabySzk on Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:54 am

There is no way to do that, I think. Every time you store the Scene, this name is aplied to de asosiated library.

Sorry about my english.


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