FOH-MOH without splitter.Our idea

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FOH-MOH without splitter.Our idea Empty FOH-MOH without splitter.Our idea

Post  FBpro on Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:21 am

Hi! We have PM5D ,PM5D-RH and MY-cards Ethersound . Common situation -PM5D - FOH, PM5D-RH - MOH..The idea is-to connect both mixers without splitter...In this case stage signals are routed to the MOH -mixer ,that produces it's monitor mixes .Then,from direct out/pre-HPF of each MOH channel signals are sent through MY-cards to the FOH mixer by Ethersound.Then,FOH mix returns through the same MY-cards by Ethersound directly to corresponding OMNI-outs of the MOH-mixer. By the way analog HA gain levels of each channel of the MOH-mixer are set to -10 -15 db.In the settings of MOH-mixer HA control is disabled ,and other levels of both mixers are set by digital attenuator ATT...Actually MOH-mixer becomes a remote (distant) stage-box for the FOH-mixer....Does anybody tried to do this and to work this way ?What problems can occure? Idea


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FOH-MOH without splitter.Our idea Empty sounds tricksy

Post  hjnebus on Sat Dec 12, 2009 4:57 pm

I would think the biggest problem would be gain structure. not every input can fit nicely into a 6dB sensitivity envelope. Analog gain stage is the most important part of getting decent quality audio from any digital mixing system. Adding digital gain to a low level signal via ATT will raise the noise floor significantly, and attenuating a hot input that's clipping doesn't eliminate any distortion. Personally, I would want remote Headamp control at FOH, which I believe you can configure either over cascade connection or MIDI. I think an input iso split sounds easier, and can provide for recording/broadcast support.


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