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Setting PM5D WL  Empty Setting PM5D WL

Post  Frenchie on Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:13 pm

Joseph Lopez at Yamaha pro. recommend this product...

Here what Jeremy at Silex technology wrote to me.

great guy,


Here’s the instructions to get the Silex device working on your tablet. Please keep in mind you will need to download the newest version of SX Virtual Link, which will be available on our website at
Once installed, follow the proceeding instructions.

1. Go into Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections and set to pick up IP automatically.

2. Attach a USB memory stick or "thumb drive" to your computer. Please be aware that this cannot be a Sandisk brand USB device.

3. Run the setup CD which came with the SX-2000WG.

4. Select the 'SX-2000WG Setup' from the set up CD menu.

5. Select the 'Wireless Installation' when prompted to select a set up type. On the next screen choose to use a USB drive to save the configuration. Follow the device server setup prompts. When entering your network information, enter in IP address and subnet mask will be On the next screen, you’ll need to set the wireless network type to ad-hoc mode, and then enter Yamaha for the SSID. Do not select any security type. When complete, remove the USB drive from your computer and plug it in to your Silex device.

6. Unplug the power to your SX-2000WG.

7. Hold the black reset button on the Silex device, and plug the power back in to your SX-2000WG. It is imperative that you are holding the reset button while the device is powered up and that you continue to hold the button for ten seconds or until the 'Status' light has turned orange. Release the reset button. This restores your device to factory defaults and reads the setup data from your USB memory stick.

8. Right Click on the wireless icon in the system tray and select “View Wireless Networks”. Connect to wireless network named ‘yamaha’. Once connected see if you can see the SX-2000WG in SX Virtual Link. Once you’re connected you’re good to go.

Thank you,

Jeremy Honda
Silex Technology America, Inc.
Toll Free: 866.765.8761 ext. 1008
Direct: 801.748.1199
Fax: 801.748.0730

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