PM5D => DCU5 => DSP5D <=>DSP5D (CH 144)

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PM5D => DCU5 => DSP5D <=>DSP5D (CH 144) Empty PM5D => DCU5 => DSP5D <=>DSP5D (CH 144)

Post  Jovai on Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:09 am

Hello fellow.

I had some difficulties when trying to make this configuration. Crying or Very sad

PM5D => DCU5 => DSP5D <=>DSP5D (CH 144)

The DSP5D (machine number 3) sends clock error. Making the connection in cascade impossible.
As I did not have much time to continue with the test. I chose to use only one DSP5D. Idea

PM5D => DCU5 => DSP5D (ch96).

Anyone ever had this same problem before? confused


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