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Updating a PM5D

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Updating a PM5D Empty Updating a PM5D

Post  necs Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:18 am

Hi there, i have upgrade the 5D to a Version 2, all ok, but the last time i was using the 5D, she got locked, i was trying to touch anything and no success, i have to change the mixer 2 hours before the concert start, with sound checks done.

I brought the 5D to the Storage, and i wanna try upgrade to a old version and again to the new one, but when i upload the old version goes good, till I take the Card out and Restart the 5D, She say "CONFLIT" Flashing and all markers are green to upload, but i press "COPY" and "CANCEL" and nothing Help...

Can someone please help me with that?



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